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Apr. 24, 2018
Isolated DC-DC converter TEP200-280, wide range high voltage inputs from 300 to 1000 VDC
Mar. 21, 2018
Convection and conduction cooled power supplies have up to 206W peak power capability
Jan. 31, 2018
Compact single-phase RSEV series of 6A to 30A, 250Vac/250Vdc rated EMC filters provide simplified installation
Jan. 24, 2018
Introduction of the ZWS240RC-24 EN 62477-1 compliant 24V 240W rated AC-DC power supply, further extending industrial power supply 10W to 300W ZWS series
Oct. 09, 2017
TDK Corporation announces the introduction of the TDK-Lambda brand CUS150M series of AC-DC power supplies capable of operating in ambient temperatures of up to 80°C without the need for forced air cooling
Sep. 12, 2017
TDK Corporation announces the introduction of medically certified RWS1000B/ME and RWS1500B/ME series of 1000 to 1500W AC-DC power supplies, further extending TDK‑Lambda’s 7-year warranty 50 to 1500W RWS-B range
Aug. 31, 2017
TDK Corporation announces the introduction of the GQA120 series of industrial grade DC‑DC converters
Aug. 15, 2017
TDK Corporation announces the introduction of the 100W i3A series of non-isolated DC-DC converters, packaged in the industry standard 1/32nd brick form factor
Jul. 18, 2017
TDK Corporation announces the introduction of the KAS series of wide input range, 2 and 4W encapsulated AC-DC power supplies
Jul. 12, 2017
PMBus™ communication interface available for modular power supply QM series
Jun. 24, 2017
HQA series of harsh environment DC-DC converter series extended with additional voltages and power levels
Jun. 07, 2017
LAN option provides communication interface for HFE series rack mount power supply series
Jun. 01, 2017
3200W 3-phase input industrial power supply extended with 48V model
May. 30, 2017
New generation 1U programmable DC power supply series delivers 5kW output
May. 08, 2017
Simple function model AC-DC unit type RWS-B series (1000W, 1500W) with medical specification model /ME
Apr 17, 2017
5V type Added to PH-A280 Series (PH300A280) of High Input Voltage DC-DC Power Modules with Conduction Cooling Method
Apr. 11, 2017
Power Supply Product: TDK has developed 11kW isolated bidirectional DC-DC Converter, industry highest for its power density
Mar. 21, 2017
2" x 4” 35W Triple output AC-DC PCB type power supply
Nov. 03, 2016
Ultra-narrow, low profile DIN rail power supplies DRL series have very high efficiencies
Apr. 28, 2016
2500W 1U high industrial power supplies have PMBus™ communications
Mar. 30, 2016
Single-phase EMC Filter RSEC-2006 With Faston Terminals